woman with tmj neck pain

Is it TMJ neck pain? 3 ways to tell

If you’re enduring TMJ disorder and neck pain, you’re in good company.¬†Your neck, shoulder, and jaw joints are among the most complex in your body, and intimately affect each other.


Can TMJ cause migraines? 9 strong links

TMJ disorder (TMD) may have a role in triggering migraines. TMD often involves pain in other body areas, along with issues in the central nervous system. Specifically, the way your brain processes pain signals. Are these two symptoms of a deeper issue?

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Can stress cause TMJ flare-ups? TMD and Anxiety

TMJ flare-ups are periods of time when the symptoms of TMD are worse than usual. These can be brought on by stress, teeth grinding (bruxism), jaw injury, and chewy or hard foods.We discuss the link between stress, anxiety, and TMJ dysfunction, as well as some tips for when this happens.